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Game mechanics

Warped Times: Pres3nt is an action platformer with puzzle elements.

Each level of the game requires you to connect two pieces of stone. There are two worlds between which you can switch by using special buttons. Most of the time, each piece of the stone is in a different world, but teleports can move stones between them.


The game world contains 5 unique environments designed using vector graphics. You can also look forward to many magnificent effects, interesting lighting system and parallax background.


The main characterThe story begins in the present, around 5000 years after the stone had been saved. The tale about the stone of life, which provides life to the entire planet, is known as a legend that is believed by very few people. But those who do have malicious intents. One of these lunatics is a doctor working in a mental hospital. He believes the stone of life is real, and he had imprisoned a distant descendant of the original hero, who had dreams about the stone.

Soon after that, the stone was found, and the doctor started to seek after it. He succeeded, but he managed to destroy the stone, and with it all life on the planet. Green

The timelines collided and let Statik return back, and with him 2 descendants of the heroes, who now have to face the darkness, repair the stone and save the world, whilst seeking for answers.

What can you expect?

  • 45 story levels in 5 varied environments
  • Interesting storyline and movie-like bonuses
  • World map, which brings a possibility to replay levels and an overview of your progress and collected items
  • Lots of special and hidden levels
  • Action packed levels and bosses
  • Connection with previous Warped Times titles (knowledge isn’t necessary)
  • Unique abilities for two main characters
  • Optional challenges and achievements, hosted by Gamejolt.com
  • Large variety of obstacles, environments, game mechanics and easter eggs

Support Us

Do you like our game? Donate at least one (1) dollar with PayPal ang get unique bonus! We really appreciate every donation. Because of that in addition to a good feeling you will get also few rewards.

For your donation you will get unique code which you can use in TWO ways!

1st You will get access to bonus statues in the online Hall of Heroes

2nd You will get access to locked part of bonus Warp Room, which hides short clip from development of third Warped Times

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  • GreenManSK $1.00

Who's behind it

  • Main developer


  • Help with GD and testing

    GreenMan, Honzas4400, steel, chylex, kyller, jackm

  • Level design

    Satik64, Petr Bezoušek, Honzas4400, kyller

  • Music

    Tomáš Oliva, Dominik "DarknesS" Gottwald, chylex

  • Additional graphics


  • Programming help


  • Extensions and scripts

    ipq (Facewound cabel), ExtremePhysics (Maarten Baert), supersound (tsg1zzn), Underwater (shm31), Simple Blur Effect (shm31), GameJolt GM API (thatbrod), http_dll_2_3 (Roach), Ini File Management (Revel)

  • Other used resources

    Particle Designer (Alert Games), textury (cgtextures.com), font Visitor (Brian Kent)